Basic Information

ExPS is a modern engineering company located in Czech republic, providing the products & services throughout the region of Central and Eastern Europe. We deliver to our customers individual and flexible services respecting their uniqueness, supporting their technical & financial growth and forming an indispensible part of their business planning and execution.

Our day-to-day business covers the field of instrumentation & control planning and execution, industrial automation in the field of technical gases, chemical processing, machinery and line production. However, based on our customers' unique requirements, we also deliver solutions concerning Alarm management, Process optimization, Asset management and Equipment monitoring for the CBM purposes. As a special chapter, we provide training and integration services in the field of industrial communication OPC.

Our philosophy is simple... As are our solutions! Based on problem analysis and effective communication with the customer, we devise a pragmatic solution that is both robust as well as simple to implement and maintain! Every project, starting from a Problem study up to a complex implementation of Control systems or sofisticated Data analysis using artificial intelligence methods, is given our full attention and hands-on approach.

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mapa Česká republika, kancelář, Západní Čechy - Karlovarský kraj, Střední Čechy - Středočeský kraj, Praha
ExPS s.r.o. – domicile
Podlesin 107
273 25 Zvoleneves
Czech republic

ExPS s.r.o. – Office Slany
Ouvalova 390
274 01 Slany
Czech republic
Tel: +420 312 520 507
Arrival instructions

Office manager: Michal Pisko
Mob: +420 732 608 300

ExPS s.r.o. – office Chodov/Vresova
Personal meetings to be arranged in advance, we are located in the industrial park of SU a.s.

Office manager: Josef Kvac
Mob: +420 739 672 395


15.2.2012 - Our new website

To support our activities in the field of industrial communication standard OPC, we set into operation our new website dedicated to OPC Classic and OPC UA. You may find there an overview of products from MatrikonOPC, we integrate in our proprietary solutions, freeware tools, list of OPC trainings we host in our company and many more. We hope you to join us at